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Moments of the first 10 years of Design House Idoli

Design House IDOLI 2018-2020

Seasons of Lapland provide an ever-changin setting for Design House Idoli. Arctic winter and summer with midnight sun both have moments of humbling beauty.

Photography: Terhi Tuovinen, Tarmo Lehtosalo & Patrick Gosling

Design House IDOLI 2016

Design House IDOLI captured in early 2016. The Gallery has gone through massive renovation and Design Dining concept has just been launched.

Photography: Tarmo Lehtosalo & Terhi Tuovinen


The Exhibition theme of Design House IDOLI in 2013-2014 was “Bubbles – Celebration of Design”. Theme underlined the way design reaches different events of life and how it can make every day a celebration.

Photography: Tarmo Lehtosalo

Lux Arctica

The unique lights of Northern Lapland come alive in the soft blueness of the polar lights, the brightness of the early spring snow and the golden midnight sun, and provide a perfect setting for a light exhibition.

LUX ARCTICA was theme for Design House IDOLI exhibition in 2011-2012. The name refers to the lights of the north as well as luxury, embodied by good design and high quality.

Photography: Terhi Tuovinen

Roots Deep in Future

2009-2010 Design House IDOLI exhibition “Roots Deep in Future” examined the use of wood in Finnish design and art.

Photography: Terhi Tuovinen, Kathleen Tyler Conklin