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Design House idoli Favourites

All the Design Dining -dinner table settings and serving dishes, utensils, cooking pots, and pans are designed by Finnish top designers. Our guests will have the possibility to purchase and order the products for themselves. Here is a selection of our favourites.


ORDERS AND MORE INFORMATION: Pekka Sillfors +358 400 197181 or

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Markku Salo Design

Markku Salo

Inari -bottle
Dedicated to Gallery IDOLI. Signed. Still mold blown, casted top. Various colours available. Height 19 cm, width 18 cm.

Price 220 €

Markku Salo


Markku Salo is known as a technically multifaceted and artistically strong designer. This becomes evident through the various glass techniques and shapes that Salo has been developing during his career for more than 30 years. The glassware is always designed keeping in mind the needs of the user, whereas the art is based on the personal vision of the artist.


Height 20 cm. Various colour combinations available.

Price 260€

DIIVA -drinkware

Hand made. Stillmold blown. Dishwasherproof.

Click here for models

Price example: DIIVA Cheers -glass, 6 pcs 120€
DIIVA high champagne glass, 6 pcs 270€


A unique glass artwork. Glass and granite. Width 20 – 28 cm, height 21 cm.

Price 3.500€

Jaur logo

Facts remain simple by their nature as is JAUR, which gets its name from deep waters. The artefacts and decorative objects from the world’s northernmost steelworks are living proof of handcrafted work from an unextinguishable source of creativity and skill at their best.

The result is like its source, Nature itself: direct, uncomplicated and beautiful. Unfettered. Design: Eero Hyrkäs


water pitcher 1.4 l
Stainless steel.

Price 240€

JAUR Wine basket

Stainless steel.

Price 275€

JAUR Salad servers

Stainless steel.

Price 170€

JAUR Candle holder

20 cm. Stainless steel.

Price 170€

Latimeria logo

Latimeria creates contemporary Nordic tableware and homeware design products. The juxtaposition of cold hard steel and warm living form gives Latimeria products their distinctive character. Design: Juha Luukkonen


Salad set
28 cm. Stainless steel. Dishwasherproof.

Price 100€

LATIMERIA Pasta server

28,5 cm. Stainless steel. Dishwasherproof.

Price 70€

LATIMERIA Cake server

24,5 cm. Stainless steel. Dishwasherproof.

Price 70€

LATIMERIA Cutlery set

Stainless steel. Dishwasherproof..

Price example Cutlery set for 6 (24 pcs)

ORDERS AND MORE INFORMATION: Pekka Sillfors +358 400 197181 or

The shipping costs will be added to the prices.