Design Dining

Gourmet in Gallery

Arctic Delicacies in a Design Environment


Design Dining offers dinner for a visiting group of people within the gallery surroundings for private use. The evening program will also include the presentation of visiting Design House IDOLI artists and designers, fuelled by some bubbly.


Our dinner table settings and serving dishes, utensils, cooking pots, and pans, are all designed by top Finnish designers. Our guests will have the possibility to purchase and order the products for themselves.

Designers & Brands Include: Iittala, Fiskars, Latimeria, Harri Koskinen, Markku Salo, Nathalie Lahdenmäki, Oiva Toikka, Ritva Puotila, Eero Hyrkäs, Brian Keaney

Design Dinner Menu

A four-course gourmet dinner will be prepared in front of our visitors eyes in our open-plan kitchen. Our chef, Markku Seppänen, will be happy to discuss and share the specifics on our locally-sourced, Arctic ingredients.


The prestigious pearls of the Arctic Ocean and Lake Inari: whitefish & vendace roe, sour cream, red onion, king crab gemelli, cod liver, gin and salt-cured fresh fish. Warm, smoked reindeer mousse. Served with clarified butter sauce and small, fried, sizzling buckwheat-blinis.

Beer or White Wine

Velvety, white wine distinguished and deepened with sherry bolete, which is crowned by shavings of crisp, dried reindeer . Served with warm, fragrant rosemary pan-bread.

White Wine

The willow grouse, string-snared in Upper Lapland, and reindeer roast-beef melts in the mouth with a rustic, cognac sauce, creamed Jerusalem artichokes, crisp-baked beetroot shell, and roasted Lapland puikula potatoes.

Red Wine

Pine-nut cake flavoured with smoked whiskey, black crowberry melba, lingonberry parfait, and chocolate ganache.

Dessert Wine

Coffee / Apéritif’s in our HELMI glass teepee.


Our HELMI glass teepee will be your crowning experience

Coffee / Apéritif’s will be served in the HELMI glass teepee on the shores of Lake Inari.

Flanked by rolling slopes, the great, southernmost inland bay opens before you, inviting you to calm your restless mind and listen to the call of the wilderness.


Markku Seppänen

Pekka Sillfors

Hanneli Sillfors

PRICE INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS: Pekka Sillfors +358 400 197181 or